#K12media Edchat Resources

A great place to start learning about Twitter is Cybraryman's "Twitter for Beginners" page. He has some wonderful tips and great links, including "How to Take Part in a Chat on Twitter". The chat page delves deeper into the specifics of chatting on Twitter and has many more useful links and tips.

Once you have your Twitter account and the time of the chat, you're ready to go. Simply add the hashtag (in this case #K12media) to any tweets and you're part of the conversation!

Make sure that the topic is relevant to you. We have a list of questions on this wiki here. If you have a Media Studies or Media Literacy related question, let us know and we'll add it to the list. You can contact us via Twitter or use Ms. Solomon's "Contact Us" form. Chats are interactive and before each one, there is a poll to determine what the question to be discussed will be. Make sure to visit this wiki or go to Ms. Solomon's Website to vote in the poll for the subject of the next chat.