Questions for #K12Media edchat:

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  1. How can we help students to develop critical thinking skills using media texts across the curriculum?
  2. Are we doing enough to ensure that our students are media literate? (Sept 5)
  3. What is the difference between a blogger and a journalist? (via @Yrdsblib) See this article for reference.

  4. What are some challenges/barriers to teaching media? How can teachers overcome these challenges?
  5. How can the teaching of media studies be extended through current teaching practices such as differentiated instruction?
  6. We're all on Twitter and fairly tech savvy, but often we wind up teaching through media rather than about media. What are some strategies that we can use to make sure that we're teaching about media? (Sept 12)
  7. Given the rapidly changing content of media, what are strategies you use to find a balance between using fresh content and teaching key concepts using previously developed materials? Does media studies demand constant re-invention and reinvestment to remain valid?

  8. How can the thread of media studies be woven into other core subject areas? What are some "go-to" ways of integrating the study or production of media across the curriculum? (Aug 29)

  9. Media texts can be controversial, provocative, and disturbing. What are some potential benefits and drawbacks to using these "hot button" topics in the classroom setting?